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Our Services


Health & Wellness

A complete health exam will be provided upon each visit. Any and all concerns may be addressed with your veterinarian at that time.

What to expect in your appointment: full body examinations, vaccinations, pre-surgical advice, and discussions on preventative and diagnostic treatment options.

Avian /Small Mammals and Exotics

We are happy to serve all creatures, wild and wonderful. The term 'Small Mammal and Exotic' applies to the following: Reptiles, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Mice/Rats, Ferrets, Hedgehogs & pretty much everything in between. 'Avians' include: Parrots, Domestic Birds, Chickens, Ducks & Geese. On the right day you might be lucky to see something larger come through!


Diagnostic / Therapeutic

We provide an extensive variety of in-clinic diagnostics and therapeutic procedures.

This includes:

-Basic Blood Chemistry & Hematology

-Blood Pressure Measurements - Ultrasonic Doppler

-Fluorescein Strip Corneal Stain Tests

-Schirmer Tear Test

-Microscopic Internal Parasite Fecal Tests

-Canine Parvovirus Antigen Test

-Fungassy Ringworm Culture Test

-Microscopic Cytology

-Complete Urinalysis


We provide a variety of procedures that include most routine soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries.


To give a few examples of these:

- Spays and Neuters

- Lumpectomies

- Foreign Body Surgeries

- Wound Repairs

- Ocular and Nare surgeries

- Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair

For some more complicated cases, referral to a specialist may be required. 


We utilize an array of anaesthetic monitoring equipment to ensure your pet has a safe and worry-free surgery, as well as a speedy and comfortable recovery.  


Radiology /Ultrasound

Our in-house digital X-ray machine, digital dental X-ray and diagnostic ultrasound machine, provide excellent evaluation of most conditions you may be concerned about in your pet. 

Referral to a specialist may be required in more complicated cases.

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